• We are physicians with over 40 years of combined clinical experience.

  • We are daughters, sisters, parents and friends with a lifetime of human experience.

  • We are visionaries who recognize the presence, knowledge and guidance of a doctor in the family overcomes communication barriers and countless other obstacles, benefiting patients and improving health outcomes.

Founding Daughters

Being a daughter, sister, friend, mom and physician has taught me how to bring it all together and do what I love to do; empathically give guidance in life’s medically stressful moments.

Meet Dr. Drake

To use my medical training, own life lessons and huge heart to pave the way for others. This. This is what I was meant to do.

Meet Dr. Houser

My dream is to be able to combine my medical education, empathetic ideals and respect for the human condition to revolutionize how physicians and patients navigate through our healthcare system.

Meet Dr. Maguire


To work in partnership with you and your loved ones by sharing our wisdom as physicians while guiding you with compassion through the complexities of the healthcare system.


To revolutionize people’s experience with the healthcare system in a way that promotes health, empowers patients, strengthens the patient-physician bond and improves appropriate use of medical resources.


Respect • Wisdom • Compassion • Innovation • Equanimity

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