How It Works

Step 1:
Intake Appointment

  • Meet with your Doctor Daughter
  • Complete a comprehensive history interview
  • Sign necessary release and consent forms

Step 2:
Medical Records Retrieval

  • Doctor Daughters obtains necessary past records
  • Past records are reviewed
  • Doctor Daughters creates your customized MedFolio™

Step 3:
MedFolio Presentation

  • Doctor Daughters presents your MedFolio™
  • Instructions on using & maintaining MedFolio™ are provided
  • Doctor Daughters performs a needs assessment

Step 4:
Next Steps

  • Doctor Daughters reviews available service plans
  • Recommendations made to meet your needs
  • Future appointments scheduled

Better than having a doctor in the family


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Frequently Asked Questions

Doctor Daughters can help ALL age groups. Whether you have a child with complex medical needs, have a new diagnosis of your own or are caring for aging parents, Doctor Daughters can help!

While our Doctor Daughters’ team resides in Illinois, modern technology allows us to help people across the country. Our services can be delivered via phone, televisits and email. So we can help your sister in Florida just as easily as we can help you if you experience any challenges while visiting your sister in Florida.

Doctor Daughters is not a second opinion or referral service. As physicians with years of clinical experience in Emergency and Hospitalist medicine, we use this knowledge to help further your understanding of your medical conditions and reinforce your doctors’ care plans. While we do not make referrals, if you need to see a specialist or desire a second opinion, we can advise you how to find one.

If you are experiencing symptoms of any kind or think you may need medical care, please call your primary care provider immediately. Doctor Daughters is not your treating physician, so we cannot provide medical care, order tests or prescribe medications. After your medical care needs are met, we are here to provide any additional education or guidance you need.

This is a very common situation for many people and often a source of frustration for patients and physicians alike. Not having easy and full access to your history can impact your future care. Doctor Daughters’ goal is to determine which records are necessary to create your comprehensive MedFolio and then do the leg work of obtaining these records. Your customized MedFolio will allow you to accurately share your past medical history every time.

While helping one of our own moms, another physician remarked, “Wow, everyone should have a doctor daughter like you” and the name stuck. As daughters who are doctors, we have spent years guiding our loved ones through the complex healthcare system. We strive to bring this same advocacy to you.

We are here to partner with both you and your doctor. As physicians, we know your doctor wants to do all they can to help you achieve your best health. We also know the modern healthcare system places many burdens upon your physicians. Doctor Daughters’ goal is to help your team in any way needed. We are an extra resource, not a replacement, for your medical team.

At this time, we are not covered by insurance. Doctor Daughters offers different service plans to meet everyone’s unique needs, ranging from yearly subscription plans to á la carte services. Medicine is not one-size-fits-all and people’s needs can change over the course of a year. Our goal is to meet your needs when they arise.

We do not have an office building. Doctor Daughters has intentionally designed our process to make it easy for our clients, so we come to you. Whether you want to meet over video, at your favorite coffee shop or in your own home, Doctor Daughters can accommodate your preference.